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Who are we?

Right now, it’s just me, Sebastien Cagnon.

I am an application developer for social robots. I have 6 years of experience creating interactive experiences for the end users on both Nao and Pepper robots.

I have worked for 4 years on Pepper, who at the time of writing is 2 years old. I was recruited by Aldebaran Robotics (now Softbank Robotics Europe) to create the first applications for Pepper.

Why creating Kokorobot?

The vision of Kokorobot is to help as many companies as possible to join the social robots revolution!

Right now, social robots are still at their infancy. Nao and Pepper by Softbank Robotics, provide a new interface to create B2B applications. Soon Jibo, Buddy and other small robots will come to enable B2C applications on social robots.

Many companies can leverage social robots in their business, but they often lack the engineering knowledge. Only a few hundred people in the world know how to program efficient robotics applications.

Kokorobot is there to get your company started on their social robotics projects.

What services do we propose?

Application development

You want to test social robots? We can create for you and/or with you a pilot project.

I will work with your IT department to create a pilot project that can be tested to collect real feedback. By working side-by-side, you learn the specificities of working with speech based, robotic interface.

At the end of the project, you can showcase the project to your executives, with actual data on how social robotics can affect your business positively. Social robots are also great for PR, so even a pilot project gets national coverage at the moment!

From there, you should have the expertise and vision to create your own product or service based on social robots.

If you don’t want to involve your IT team, I can implement a complete project for your company, depending on my availability.

Workshop and training

Your company decided to create a project on Nao or Pepper? You have the budget, the people, but don’t know where to start?

Over a few days, I can teach you all the basics of the new platform, as well as best practices. The workshop covers:

  • coding on Nao/Pepper
  • creating prototypes and packaging apps with Choregraphe
  • using Dialog to converse with the user
  • coding production code in Python/C++/Java
  • testing and debugging
  • UX design and best practices
  • common issues with technology and tools

During this workshop, I share with you the best Pepper/Nao application development techniques developed over 6 years by myself and my colleagues at Aldebaran / Softbank Robotics.


Organizing a conference? I can speak about application development for social robots. I can present Python or C++ projects, and soon when the SDK is actually released: Android apps for Pepper.

You can contact me directly from the company’s home page.

Let’s work together to make social robots come true!

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