Kokorobot G.K.

Social Robot Application Development


Social robots can provide a new class of services to your customers. At Kokorobot G.K., we can build engaging apps on social robot platforms like Nao, Pepper, Kebbi, KoiBot, and many more. Contact me to learn more on how social robots can boost your business.


Just got a Pepper or Nao for a company project? Get your team up to speed and productive in just a few days! The training workshops focuses on setting up all the tools and learning the specificities of developing for social robot platforms.

Off the shelf apps

While most completed apps we make are released on the Japanese market with exclusive partners, we can adapt some of those apps to your market (ex: US, Europe, South East Asia)

Company information / 会社情報

CEO Sebastien Cagnon

Address: Saitama, Kawaguchi, Tozuka 1-8-31

Established on July 2nd, 2020

Capital: JPY 2,500,000

Activity: Social robot app development & web services for social robots

代表・社長 Sebastien Cagnon

本社: 埼玉県川口市戸塚1−8−31


資本金: 250万円

事業内容: ソーシャルロボット向けのアプリ開発やウェブサービス

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